Tournament Results


Bradley Enfield ~ Knight of Little Antietam
2022 Maryland State Champion


Maryland State Jousting Tournament Results 2022


Maryland State Jousting Championship 


View the 2022 Maryland State Jousting Championship Program here.


Leadline Class


(from left to right)

Aiden Keys ~ Knight of Sir Bugs
Jase Mundy ~ Knight of Stitch
Kieran Patrick ~ Knight of Blazing Wind
Tyreese Nixon ~ Knight of Jedi
Avi Jacobs ~ Knight of Awesome Avi (not pictured)


Novice Class


(from right to left)

1st Place Mackenzie Strong ~ Maid of October Dreams

2nd Place Kristen McDaniel ~ Maid of Stitch

3rd Place Madelyn Patrick ~ Maid of Cherokee Wind

4th Place Maya Devan ~ Maid of Orkney (not pictured)


Amateur Class


(from left to right)

1st Place Michaella Patrick ~ Maid of Autumn Wind

2nd Place Tabitha Dunn ~ Maid of Catalina (not pictured)

3rd Place Danielle Keys ~ Maid of Tipper


Semi-Professional Class


(from right to left)

1st Place Ian Flaherty ~ Knight of Tynewydd

2nd Place Malcom Macy ~ Knight of Macy Meadows

3rd Place Emily Trawick ~ Maid of Port Republic


Professional Class


(from right to left)

1st Place Bradley Enfield ~ Knight of Little Antietam

2nd Place Bob Enfield ~ Knight of Sir Lancealot

3rd Place Mike Virts ~ Knight of St. Marks

4th Place Randy McGill ~ Knight of Camelot


Maryland State Championship Class

State Champion  State Champ Ribbon  State Champion

Our 2022 State Champion

Brad Enfield
Knight of Little Antietam


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