Tournament Results


Mikayla Miller ~ Maid of New Castle
2018 Maryland State Champion


Maryland State Jousting Tournament Results 2018


Maryland State Jousting Championship 

Trophies  Trophies  Trophies

View the 2018 Maryland State Jousting Championship Program here.


Leadline Class


(from left to right)

Mackenzie Strong ~ Maid of Softball

Madi Jo Campbell ~ Maid of Wild Flower

Hunter Hawn ~ Knight of Chartreuse

Kiernan Allen ~ Knight of Northwind Farm

Katelyn Wooters ~ Maid of Caroline County

Luke Solomon ~ Knight of Wisdom (not pictured)


Novice Class


(from right to left)

1st Place Grace Riddile ~ Maid of Little Cove Farm

2nd Place T.J. Lord ~ Knight of Jake

3rd Place Tabitha Dunn ~ Maid of Catalina

4th Place Marleigh Platzke ~ Maid of Dazzle


Amateur Class


(from right to left)

1st Place Marley Enfield ~ Maid of Enfield Farm

2nd Place Emily Trawick ~ Maid of Port Republic

3rd Place Ian Flaherty ~ Knight of Tynewydd

4th Place Michaella Patrick ~ Maid of Autumn Wind


Semi-Professional Class


(from left to right)

1st Place Mason Platzke ~ Knight of Turn Around Farm

2nd Place Vincent Reinhold ~ Knight of Anthony

3rd Place Crystal Asche ~ Maid of Purple Passion


Professional Class


(from right to left)

1st Place Bradley Enfield ~ Knight of Little Antietam

2nd Place Buddy Wooters ~ Knight of Caroline County

3rd Place Mikayla Miller ~ Maid of New Castle

4th Place Bob Enfield ~ Knight of Sir Lancealot


Mary Lou Bartram Youth Award Recipient

youth award  youth award  youth award

Grace Riddile ~ Maid of Little Cove Farm


Maryland State Championship Class

State Champion  State Champion  State Champion  State Champion

Our 2018 State Champion

Mikayla Miller
Maid of New Castle
and Tyke


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